Best Facebook Ads Cloaking Service!

CloakerAgency introduced a pioneering approach to Facebook Ads Cloaking, bypassing ads approval system on Social Media & Search Engine Ads.

The Core of Facebook Ads Cloaking:

Facebook Ads Cloaking is a strategic method developed to bypass the complex approval algorithms of Facebook’s Ad Review System. Our Cloaker detects every visiting IP and determines if it a bot or ad reviewer by ad companies or it is a safe ads traffic or normal visiting user. We then show a safe and policy friendly page to bots and your black/offer page to normal ads user accordingly.


Enhanced Approval Rates:

Experience a significant surge in ad approval rates by hiring our ads management service that seamlessly bypass Facebook's automated and manual ad review system. 99.9% Approval Rate.

How We Manage Ads Cloaking?

Best Ads Cloaking Agency Solutions

step 01

In-Depth Policy Research:

We analyse the business niche and identify restriction level as per each ad platform’s policies and determine challenges that can occur during the ads review process.

step 02

Developing Policy-Friendly Safe Page:

After analysing your business niche, we design and develop a safe and policy-compliant page to show it to ad auditors and bots after detecting them by our cloaker.

step 03

Safe Ads Traffic to Your Offer Page:

We Utilize advanced cloaking techniques to present compliant content to the platform’s review system while showing the original content or black offer page to your ads audience. Our software does this automatically and without any error or interruption. 

step 04

Scaling Ad Conversion

Our experienced media buying team knows what kind of ads are winner for a specific niche. So, we do not waste a lot of time in testing ads, we do scaling of ad conversions within days from ad budget of $0 to $1000s per day within first month. Expertise in Scaling Sales to 7 & 8 figures.

Facebook Ads Cloaking Experts:

CloakerAgency combines expertise and experience to scale businesses through the complexities, ensuring compliance and boosting ad performance.

With CloakerAgency, no more worries of ad accounts suspensions – our methods meets compliance and redefine the possibilities of Facebook Advertising.