Pinterest Ads Cloaking, Get Ads Approved

Pinterest advertising can be a transformative journey for businesses seeking to showcase their products or services. However, for niches considered restricted, such as CBD, cryptocurrency, pills or health supplements, replica brands, Government Services on Pinterest can be a tough task to get thru ads approval.

How Pinterest Ads Cloaking Works?

Pinterest ads cloaking is a mature strategy designed to showcase a compliant version of an ad and website during the platform’s review, while the original, potentially restricted content is shown automatically to your ads traffic or target audience. This unique approach ensures that business is smoothly getting ads approval and there is no worry of ad account suspension.


Enhanced Approval Rates:

Get a significant boost in ad approval rates by presenting content that seamlessly aligns with Pinterest's automated review system. While normal ads traffic see your restricted business website.

Strategies for Running Cloaked Ads on Pinterest

Best Pinterest Ads Cloaking Agency
  1. Run Compliant Ads: Develop ad creatives that align with Pinterest’s overarching ad policies. Avoid misleading copy or spammy content to ensure a smooth review process.

  2. Mindful Safe Page: We analyse your business category and make a safe page accordingly, so Pinterest does not feel it circumventing. 

  3. Setup Cloaker: We conduct thorough research to identify your target audience’s demographics and interests. We then configure cloaker according to your ad platforms preference and targeting requirements.

  4. Ads Approval & Scaling Conversions: We are not only good in keeping your ads alive for months to years, but we are also best in scaling your ads both vertically and horizontally.

Pinterest Ads Cloaking Service:

Your Key to Success

While setting up cloaker, we know what kind of web content is safe and what kind of ads are winner for your business category.

Cloaker Agency brings specialized knowledge, compliance expertise, and advanced tools to your Pinterest ad campaigns. Our team of experts deal with the issues of ads approval, optimizes performance, and ensures your cloaked ads achieve maximum impact and ROAS.